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My Personal Rig Rundown

Stephan Köllen 10-02-2019


Over the last years I used a lot of software to make my job easier. Here I want to share which setup I'm currently using to perform my day to day tasks.

The Work Station


I'm working on a 27" 5K 2017 iMac with a "Fusion Drive". It does everything I need it to do and probably more. The true hero is the display, I never worked more comfortably.

I'd probably recommend a pure SSD iMac but it's surely enough for my daily work.

Supported by a bluetooth trackpad and keyboard I'm able to maintain a clean and tidy desk at all time.

Recently I got myself a standing desk. I try not to sit all day long and increase the height at least two times a day.

My Desktop

I try to focus within and switch between two major topics along a working day:

Most of the time we are developing web applications at our company, so I'm mostly using software tailored to help me do my job efficiently. Here is how.

Working at applications



It all starts with my control station. This terminal app combined with oh-my-zsh lets me operate my required tools, select which software I need for a job and so on.

Sequel Pro

My tool for database management. You can easily control your local environments or connect sequel pro to your remote servers. More information here.

I just installed table plus and will give this a shot over the next month

Sublime Text vs Visual Studio Code

Within the last year I switched back and forth between Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text. I like the integrated terminal in VS Code (controlling git and running your tests inside the editor feels great). Also there are a lot of extensions for your needs.

You can find the extensions I am using at their marketplace:

When quickly spinning up a project or making changes to the frontend I often reach for Sublime.

Laravel Valet - Dev Environment

With Laravel Valet and Homebrew I configure my Nginx and MySql environment. You should give it a shot, especially if you want to experience a really fast and easy setup. For more advanced requirements you may have a look at Laravel Homestead. These two are both tailored, but not limited to Laravel development.



This app is highly extensible and a huge productivity improvement for me. Want to search the docs of a popular CSS framework? Odds are, you can find a workflow for Alfred.

Calculator, Reminder etc.. You can perform many tasks right from the alfred interface.

I collect my general (not software specific) reminders within apples reminder app. Sync across devices works great and with Siri or location-based reminders I got some additional time saving features.


Ok, you probably often switch between browsers for testing but for development I mainly browse with Firefox.


Listening to Metal and distraction free playlists. I might share some in future posts 🤔.

These are just from the top of my head. I'll update the list as new improvements or apps cross my way. Maybe you'll find some in-depth reviews.

Have a great day!