When Jira triggers stop working


We added some convenient triggers to our Jira installation that allow us to automate specific processes. For example you can let your issues transition on certain git actions in connected...

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Working with Laravel projects and git


The Laravel documentation does a very good job when it comes to installation and usage scenarios. There are some additional hurdles to jump when pulling a "WIP" project from git, mainly...

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My Personal Rig Rundown


Over the last years I used a lot of software to make my job easier. Here I want to share which setup I'm currently using to perform my day to day tasks. I'm working on a 27" 5K 2017 iMac with...

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Generating PDF - Wkhtmltopdf and ignoring footer or header


Today I came across an issue while adding a new feature for our pdf-invoice creation in one of our apps. This took me way longer to figure out than it should have, so maybe you'll find this helpful:...

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